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Friday, October 20, 2006

Aprons and Stargazer's Site

Someone on an email list to which I belong asked for links to apron patterns. Her preference was for them to be crocheted. I decided to do what I thought would be a quick search for them on Google. My quick search ended up taking more than an hour to complete. This was because I kept finding interesting sites that might have what I was looking for. What fun!!! :) I limited myself to sites with free patterns with the exception of one site that offers both a freebie and one for sale. Here is what I found: These are links to crocheted aprons : Here is a knitted apron: Lion brand has two crocheted patterns: one free and another for free: I also found a Blog about aprons:

Here is a knitted apron from a link on the Apron blog:

One of the stops along my way was the Stargazer's Site. This time I saw some pages I have either never seen or maybe never paid attention to before. She has a whole page dedicated to Women Only and Other Sites of Interest. Looking down a little on the left is a link titled Homeschool Links.


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