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This is a journal of my adventures with knitting, crocheting, needlework and fibers. It may also record bits of information about other aspects of my life.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I realized a few minutes ago that I have not been writing about knitting or crocheting here in the past several weeks. There are a few reasons for this which all come down to life getting in the way. The hard drive on the computer quit working the Friday of Labor Day weekend. My plans were to gets a lot of things done on the computer that weekend. We have a 'new to us' computer purchased from my favorite store: EPC. They are the best in our entire area in my opinion. Another reason for not posting is that Ihave not been knitting or crocheting very much. We have been taking a lot more family time for talking, playing games like Scrabble and family reading. We are homeschoolers and those activities take priority. There are times when I knit or crochet during family times, but I have not done so recently. The last reason for not posting here is because there is a new blog in my life. It is: Dish and Wash Cloth Mania. I am collecting lists of free Dish and Wash Cloth patterns found on the internet. When I began the project my original site was here:Dish and Wash Cloth Mania. The lists of patterns grew very quickly and I chose to move it to a home that would allow for its growth. My free time is being spent adding to it. At the moment it mostly has knitted cloths on it. I am working on adding more crocheted ones to it. This weekend a lot were added. It is taking longer than planned because there are only so many hours in a day.

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