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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Time Flies
I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted here! The weeks have flown by in a blur of activity. There have been several times when I have wanted to sit down an write, but have not been able to do so for a number of reasons. My hooks and needles have been very busy. I made a bunch of crocheted 8 inch squares for a project I was involved in on Bev's Charity Challenge. They were made with some of the abundance of worsted weight acrylicfrom my stash. It was a good way to use some scraps for a good cause. I am amazed at how much scrap yarn I still have afetr this project. I have done 11 MDK Ballband dishcloths so far. The first batch of 9 out of1o were made by casting on 33 stitiches and making 9 bands. They looked like the right size for my hands before washing. Unfortunately I neglected to take into account the shrink factor and the fact that everything is normally dried in the dryer. Needless to say, they shrunk. They are still usable. I have learned to stretch them once they are wet to make them a bit larger. Dishcloth #10 was made with 33 stitches and 11 bands. It turned out to be the right size for my hands in terms of length butis not quite wide enough. I am now on #11 which has 39 stitiches and I am planning to make 11 bands wide. This one is an experiment because it is being made from some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece which was a gift from a friend. It is the first time I have ever used this yarn and I am loving it.Since one of my concerns using this yarn for the first time is how much it will shrink. After it is finished I will measure it before and after washing to see how much it shrinks.

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