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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yesterday was fun. I wanted to write about it last evening was just too tired. Once a month our library has a Stitch n Chat in the afternoon, led by one of the library staff. It is a very informal time for people who do any kind of stitching to get together and just stitch and chat. It has been months since I have gone because life just got in the way. I went yesterday despite having lots of work to so around the house. DH, of course, encouraged me to go. His comments were that I needed to do something for myself; I needed to get be with people who share my interest and that sort of thing. He made sense...Not only that, but it has been a long time since I have attended any of the stitching meetings around the area. It was about time I came out of my hole and just go. So I did. Once I got there I wondered why I stopped going in the first place. There are large tables arranged in a rectangle or square, depending on how many are in the room. The idea is that they are arranged in a circle. There are plenty of chairs. The most formal aspect of the meeting is the presence of a sign in sheet and paper nam tags. Most of us no longer use the name tags since we know each other. The large tables are an invitation to spread out supplies, current projects and of course Show and Tell items. The atmsphere in the room is casual and friendly. I arrived a few minutes early and found others already stitching and chatting in the wonderfull informal fashion in which they do. Greetings were exchanged as I entered and unpacked my bags. As I looked around the room , there were some familiar faces and some new ones. The Library staff person, rightfully proudly, showed me the big afghan she was crocheting. It is being done in Double Crochet out of dark red/ burgundy color. She has learned to crochet since we started meeting and has done a fantastic job doing so. Next to here was a lady cross stitiching. She is truly amazing to me because she does the most comples projects with great ease. Her work is beautiful. Another lady, who is an expert knitter, was making socks on double pointed needles without a pattern. She has made so many of them over the years that she says they are easy and does not need a pattern. Sock making looks so easy when watching her. Next to her sat her sister. She was working on a baby blanket in filet crochet using a one punder skein of yarn. The design is lots of Teddy Bears in rows. I admire her patience to follow a chart. There are some 'new to me people' present. The first new person is making socks out of a self striping yarn. They are beautiful. Her work is meticulous. I had the privilege of looking at it closely. She says she is being taught by our expert knitter and sock maker. There is a lady at the end of the tables who is knitting a lapghan on circular needles. It is being done in the most beautifull shade of sage green. That is the best way I can describe it. She said it is getting to hot to work on it despite air conditioning. This makes good sense because the temperature was in the 90's yesterday. It is typical for this town in the summer. There were two ladies on the same side of the table as me. The one furthest down knits and crochets for charities in the area. She always has something beautiful on her hooks or needles. I did not see what she was making because shotly after I arrived she began teaching the person next to me to crochet. Her student came here for the first time and asked if someone would teach her to crochet. Since she is right handed, we agreed that the lady close to me, rather than me, teach her. The motivation was to make it easier on the new crocheter. This was a wise decision. By the end of our time together she had a couple of rows done on a good looking dishcloth. After talking with her, I think she is hooked. :) We were joined occasionally by others.....The Head Librarian came in requesting help locating a pattern. A retired library staff person came by to say "Hi." She stayed and chatted for a bit. A mother came in and asked if we would give lessons in knitting or crocheting to her young person. The collective response expressed in many ways was that we would be gald to do so. We answered her other questions about when we meet and what she needs to have when they come. Hopefully the next meeting will find us having another new person in our midst. As the meeting ended we tahnked our hostess and said Good Byes to each other. I stopped the main section of the Library to see if my family had books waiting on the Hold Shelf. There were none. As I left, I wondered why I stopped going in the first place.

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