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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Big Dotty # 2
Ok, so I don't have all the fine points of this Blogging stuff down yet. I am working real hard on it. Somehow I wound up with two identical pictures and can't figure out how to get rid of one of them. At least I am able to use the scanner to post pictures of my work. Yeah!!!!! That's progress.
This is Big Dotty #2 using pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book.
This time I started off using size 10 1/2 Boye needles and switching to size 8's when switching colors. Oh, the colors are P&C Bright Navy and some a scrap of yellow. It looks much neater than the first Big Dotty dishcloth.
Like I said earlier, this is an obsession...or is it an addiction?
Big Dotty # 1
This is a picture of my first attempt of making "Big Dotty" from the Mason Dixon Knitting book into a dishcloth. I used a size 8 Boye needle to start and Peaches & Cream Yarn. After the first several rows it dawned on me to use larger needles for the red rows. I changed to size 10 1/2 for them and the result was a better looking dishcloth. The portion at the top is really the cast on edge and first few rows. This is not the best picure, but wil do for the moment. As you can tell, I still practice making the sides look neat when carrying colors up the side.....Gee, I guess that's an excuse for making more dishcloths. LOL!!

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